Values Centered Innovation™ is a mission with a business, which we have termed as Whole Innovation.

Our overarching mission is to contribute to creating a breakthrough in the field of corporate innovation comparable to the breakthrough in the field of corporate quality 50 years ago (started in Japan with Deming, Ishikawa and Juran).

We have termed this movement Whole Innovation, which encompasses four practices that produce a “Whole Bottom Line” impact:

Whole Prosperity: Contributing to the financial, educational and health well-being of all constituents; as well as optimizing revenues, growth and productivity while being wise about expenditures, costs, and the use of resources.

Whole Persons: Fully engaging each person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capabilities; as well as fostering a healthy workplace that develops and retains the right talent, while strengthening stakeholder relationships.

Whole Planet: Producing impacts that naturally support the viability and sustainability of the planet; as well as sustaining natural resources while fostering beauty and balance in the ecosystem.

Whole Principles: Synthesizing the wisdom of East and West into a coherent whole; as well as fostering meaningful innovation with high ethical standards, while meeting society’s true needs.

VCI’s role in Whole Innovation is to bring awareness and education to the movement, and to help lay a strong foundation for its growth and sustainability.

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