The Innovation Styles® Practitioner Community

After signing up for the Enterprise Edition or Partner Edition, you can participate in an on-line community with other Practitioners like yourself – professionals who are either internal to a single organization or external consultants/trainers/facilitators who are using Innovation Styles with many different teams or groups.

The purpose of this Practitioner community is to come together to share how you have successfully led and facilitated people to understand and apply Innovation Styles, and to learn from others.

You can exchange stories and experiences, give and receive inspirational ideas and advice, share your own materials that incorporate Innovation Styles, and learn more about other practical tools for applying Innovation Styles day-to-day.

The Practitioner's Section

In the Practitioner’s section, you can create, find and post to Forums (on-going discussions of a topic) and create your own Blog (a “personal column,” so-to-speak) where postings are displayed in reverse chronological order. You’ll be able to track and search for the topics you’re interested in as well as the items you’ve posted – and what others have to say.

There is also a “Download” button where you can find a wealth of resources to help you be successful in your work with Innovation Styles, as well as materials that other practitioners have used successfully in their work.

Start Participating Today!

By participating in this Practitioners’ community, you get the biggest boost from Innovation Styles – bringing out the innovative best in yourself and others to effectively address your work challenges.

To enter the Practitioners’ community, just log in using the “Sign in” button at the top left hand side of this page.

If you are not yet a Practitioner, contact us to take a complimentary self-assessment to learn more about how the Innovation Styles System can boost your success!

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