Certificate Workshops

Orientation Program

As an Innovation Styles Practitioner, you have a wealth of IS resources to help you be successful right from the start – including fully developed materials for feedback, coaching, workshops, and facilitation. We provide a personalized Orientation program that includes: a comprehensive Innovation Styles Resource Notebook so you can learn what resources you can use and how to access them; an introduction to the online administration system; and coaching on how to integrate the Innovation Styles resources into your work.

Certification Program

You do not have to be certified in order to use the Innovation Styles system. However, many professionals wish to learn as much as they can about working with Innovation Styles, and to interact with others who are doing the same. Once you become an IS Practitioner, we recommend that you attend our 3-day Certification Workshop, where you can delve more deeply into how to boost your innovative work with individuals, teams, and organizations. The agenda includes:

  • Understanding the basics of the Innovation Styles self-assessment and feedback
  • Applying Innovation Styles to work challenges in marketing, sales, new product development, new business growth, quality improvement, organizational change, etc.
  • Conducting “Application Workshops” – structure, content, facilitator notes
  • Coaching individuals and teams
  • Using the on-line administration and resources system
  • Optimizing team synergy with Innovation Styles
  • Facilitating idea-generation sessions based on Innovation Styles
  • Presenting the Innovation Styles system to internal/external clients

Boosting Innovation

To give you and your colleagues a “bigger picture” for how to use Innovation Styles most powerfully, we have designed a half-day workshop called “Boosting Innovation.” It is aimed at enhancing the skills, understanding, self-confidence, and personal meaning needed to stimulate values-centered innovation with individuals, teams and organizations. It includes an overview of “What is Innovation?” an introduction to Innovation Styles, and a set of examples of how IS can be applied to everyday work tasks. This workshop is available for public as well as corporate workshops.

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