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A Personal Self-Assessment

The Innovation Styles Profile is a personal self-assessment that shows how you prefer to promote innovation and change through your own unique mixture of all four styles. The personalized feedback, coaching and tools will help you to fully bring out and optimize your own innovativeness. In addition, it will guide you in developing the versatility you need to bring out the innovative best from other members of your workgroup and your overall organization.

Your Innovation Styles Profile is based upon three premises:

  • Each of us has the ability to be innovative. Therefore, the main issue is not “AM I innovative?” but rather “HOW am I innovative?”
  • As individuals, we may have equal potential for being innovative, yet have different approaches to the process of innovation
  • We do not use a single approach, but a mixture of four different styles

Therefore, the profile does not measure your level of innovativeness. Rather, it measures your tendency, disposition, and preference to use the four different approaches to innovation and change. You might have a low tendency to use one style, yet still be quite capable of using that style when you choose to. Also, you can gain a great deal of versatility for using all four styles without having to change your preference for any one style.

Feedback Graphs

From the Innovation Styles questionnaire, you will receive two different kinds of feedback graphs.

The first, the “Innovation Styles ‘Kite’,” gives you a clear way to see the relative degree to which you prefer each of the four styles in relation to each other.

The second, the “Point” graph, shows the average point between your Visioning/Experimenting and your Modifying/Exploring scores. It is like the “center of gravity” for your “kite” profile.”

When your “point” is put on a graph with other people’s points, you can gain insights on the group dynamics for innovation.

The numerical value of each score does not indicate a level of innovativeness. Rather, each score indicates the strength of your tendency, disposition and preference among these four distinct approaches to innovation. The higher your raw score for a particular style, the more strongly you prefer to use that style.

  • If a score is 44 or greater, you have a strong tendency to use that style
  • If a score is 39 to 43, you have a moderate tendency to use that style
  • If a score is 32 to 38, your tendency for that style is balanced by its “opposite” style (Visioning is opposite to Experimenting, Modifying is opposite to Exploring).

Remember, your score is based on a self-assessment at one point in time, within your present work environment. So, your results depend on your level of self-awareness. Though it is our experience that a major shift in profile is very rare, both your self-awareness and your preferences may change over time.

Your Results are Viewable Online

When you finish the self-assessment survey, you can view:

  • Your Profile at a glance view
  • Your scores graphed out view
  • Your results graphed will all other users in your group view
  • All of your team's or group's results view

Four Languages of Innovation

The concept of Innovation Styles is much broader than the “creative thinking styles” that teach “left-brain” and “right-brain” ways of thinking. Each Innovation Style is a fundamentally different approach to driving the process of innovation and change – taking on a challenge, focusing on key priorities, reaching breakthroughs, and implementing solutions. Thus, each Innovation Style is like a language: while you may most easily express yourself in one way, you can learn to “speak” all four.

Even though you may have one primary Innovation Style, your profile shows how you tend to use all four styles. You’ll notice that the styles are not labeled as “Modifi-er,” Experiment-er,” etc., as if the styles denote “a type of person” who uses only one style. Instead, by using the terms “Modify-ing,” “Experiment-ing,” etc., the styles depict approaches to innovation and strategies of thinking that can be flexibly applied in your work.

The questions in the Innovation Styles Profile are asked with a specific context in mind: “How do you handle challenges best at work?”

Why is this important? Sometimes, the pressures of a particular job, challenge, or work culture might demand a certain style. Sometimes, we may act differently at home vs. at work. And sometimes we might simply change over time. By answering the survey questions with respect to your recent work experience, your profile reflects a real-time “snapshot” of your preferred approaches to innovation within your present circumstances… and you can gain important insights and practical ideas about how to be successful right here, right now, with the people you work with.

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