Flash of Brilliance

William Miller is an internationally recognized expert on values-driven innovation who was named in 2005 as one of the top 30 leadership consultants worldwide by “Leadership Excellence”. The Innovation Styles are discussed extensively in two of William’s four books, Flash of Brilliance: Inspiring Creativity Where You Work (1999, Perseus), one of “Executive Book Summaries’” top 30 business books in the USA for 1999. They are also highlighted in the companion Flash of Brilliance Workbook, selected in 2000 for the Doubleday Executive Book Club.

Innovation Styles Game

Thiagi, Inc. has created a poweful board game that explores the four Innovation Styles and the characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, expectations, problems, strategies, and tactics associated with each style. Once you master the four Innovation Styles, you will develop your personal approach to creative thinking. Also you will interact more effectively with your co-workers because you recognize their preferred innovation styles. Click here to learn more.

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