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Building and fostering an organization culture for innovation is imperative, especially when new solutions and organization change are needed. When you incorporate the strengths of each style into the culture, you reinforce the level of collaboration and bring out the best of each style when:

Introducing innovation challenges
Generating solutions
Providing learning opportunities
Making decisions
Empowering and gaining commitment

Another benefit is to use the Innovation Styles to bring together the right people and right mix of style profiles to address a specific challenge. With a strong Innovation Styles culture, style versatility can be effectively introduced whether or not all four styles are well represented in a group.

What you get

Contact us to sign up your organization and receive the following:

An Administrator log-in with a wide range of administrative capabilities to manage your teams and groups
A fully customized Innovation Styles Profile (ISP) system with your logo
A 28-page Booklet plus personalized feedback and graphs for each of your team or group members
The Team Advisor feedback and graphs for each of your teams or groups
Access to resources only available to Practitioners, such as workshop and coaching materials, plus much more
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