Exhibitor Edition: for Trade Show Exhibitors


The Innovation Styles Profile (ISP) is a powerful way to draw in attendees and brand your organization as a leader in innovation. When your sales representatives use the ISP at your booth it creates a valuable opening to converse with attendees on real content and needs.

Here’s how it works:

A video and ISP system are fully customized with your logo
Participants walk up to your booth and take the ISP self-assessment
A personalized feedback is processed and printed at the booth
A facilitator or sales representative helps the attendee to interpret their results
Attendees are given customized materials explaining the styles and providing a specific message of innovation from your organization
Optionally, a “My Innovation Style is: ” sticker with graphics is placed on the attendee’s name badge, spreading the buzz at the conference

What you get

Contact us to have Innovation Styles be the highlight of your next Trade Show and receive the following:

A customized video with your logo to use at the trade show
Unlimited use of the Innovation Styles Profile (ISP) self-assessment during your trade show
Personalized feedback profiles and graphs for each of your booth visitors who take the Innovation Styles Profile
Training on how to debrief the ISP results with each attendee
Coaching on how to integrate the ISP with your organization’s marketing goals
Ideas and support to set up your booth in a way that attracts attendees
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