Partner Edition: for Consultants and Trainers


Whether you work as a consultant or trainer within a single organization, or as an external resource to many clients, you may feel the need to expand and strengthen how you can stimulate greater levels of innovativeness when you are:

Facilitating groups working on issues such as strategic planning, product development, marketing and sales, or quality improvement
Building strong teamwork and empowerment among people who seek innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges
Developing an organization culture and change process that actively encourages innovation in all aspects of work life

Innovation Styles offers you a unique tool for all these purposes – one that you can integrate into your consulting or training practice and offer to your clients fully customized with your own logo and identity.

What you get

Contact us to sign up as a consultant or trainer and receive the following:

An Administrator log-in with a wide range of administrative capabilities to manage your client teams and groups
A fully customized Innovation Styles Profile (ISP) system with your logo
A 28-page Booklet plus personalized feedback and graphs for each of your client users
The Team Advisor feedback and graphs for each of your client teams and groups
Access to resources only available to Practitioners, such as workshop and coaching materials, plus much more
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