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The Innovation Styles Profile is a personal self-assessment that shows how you prefer to promote innovation and change through your own unique mixture of all four styles. The insights and tools we provide will assist you to bring out and optimize your innovativeness, and thereby:

Strengthen your confidence and versatility
Meet new challenges effectively
Invite a wider variety of ideas and input
Speak other people’s language of innovation

Your IS profile does not measure your level of innovativeness. Rather, it measures your tendency, disposition, and preference to use the four different approaches to innovation and change. You might have a low tendency to use one style, yet still be quite capable of using that style when you choose to. Also, you can gain even more versatility for using all four styles without having to change your preference for any one style. Thus, each Innovation Style is like a language: while you may most easily express yourself in one way, you can learn to “speak” all four.

What you get

You can take the Innovation Styles Profile (ISP) today online for $75, and receive the following:

A User log-in to take the self-assessment and review results online
A 28-page Booklet for “Understanding and Applying Your Innovation Styles”
Personalized feedback “At a Glance”, plus a 6-page in-depth profile and 2 graphs
A login and password you can use at any time to come back and view your results and other content
Access to resources only available to ISP users
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