Overview of Innovation Styles®

We are all unique individuals

Each one of us has different habits, talents, knowledge, values, interests, and ways of expressing ourselves. And, while we all have the capacity to be innovative, we approach innovation and change in different ways.

You may like to build on your past experience, or maybe you prefer a vision to guide you. You might enjoy putting together unusual combinations of things. Or perhaps you like to throw caution to the wind and explore the unknown.

Recognizing the different ways we like to innovate is a key to working together successfully – in a group or in an organization. We all have our own unique approach to meeting a creative challenge, using our own mixture of four Innovation Styles:

  • Visioning: To envision the ideal future
  • Modifying: To refine and optimize what has come before
  • Exploring: To discover new and novel possibilities
  • Experimenting: To combine and test many unique combinations


There are two dimensions that form the four Innovation Styles:

  • What stimulates and inspires this style’s innovativeness?

Facts, details and analysis
Intuition, insights and images

  • How does this style approach the innovation process?

Focused, well-planned and outcome oriented
Broad, perceptive and learning oriented

Each Innovation Style combines these two dimensions in a unique way.



    By developing your awareness, knowledge and skillful practice of the Innovation Styles, you can benefit in many ways…

    Strengthen your versatility and confidence

    Each Innovation Style gives you a different way to meet new challenges. By learning to use all four styles, you will be more open, flexible, and self-confident when taking on a work challenge – and when designing your own career!

    Build harmonious teams

    Each member of your team has a different blend of Innovation Styles. Once you understand how these styles influence their innovativeness, you’ll understand your teammates better. You’ll be able to select an innovative mix of people, gain higher participation, reduce relationship tension, and build more synergy on your teams. You’ll be easier to work with, and so will they.

    Find innovative solutions to your everyday work challenges

    By recognizing and accepting differences, you can take advantage of them. As you invite a wider variety of ideas into your life, your work will be more productive and stimulating… as you find creative solutions to challenges such as:

    • Strategic planning
    • Sales and marketing
    • Organizational change
    • New product/service development
    • Getting ideas from customers
    • Quality or process improvement
    • Career development

    Sell your ideas

    Building innovative relationships or having creative ideas is only the starting point – action is the key to making a real difference. Learn to speak other people’s “language of innovation,” and you’ll be more effective in getting them to buy in to your innovation ideas.

    Help your organization become more successful

    Organizations have a blend of Innovation Styles too. Understanding your organization’s style-pattern helps you to successfully plan and implement organization change and find ways to contribute to its overall success

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